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Scaling the Model for Impact

Model for Impact

JPMorgan Chase believes there is a pressing need to expand access to opportunity and help more people move up the economic ladder. Through our proven model for driving inclusive growth, we are taking a strategic, data-driven approach to doing just that.

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We continually iterate as we test new approaches
and learn more about what works best.


To enable more people to share in the rewards of a growing economy.


Point of Interest


Deploying capital, providing credit and applying our expertise to enable local economic development.

Point of Interest


Putting the capabilities of our firm and the knowledge of our people to work for our communities.

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Forging partnerships among businesses, government and nonprofits to solve complex problems.

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Strengthening the nonprofit sector and the underlying systems needed to support sustainable change.

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Harnessing the power of data and our firm’s insights into the global economy.

Point of Interest


Making long-term investments to test and scale innovative programs.

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Jobs and Skills

Helping people develop the skills they need to compete for today’s jobs can transform lives and strengthen economies.

Small Business Expansion

Small businesses and entrepreneurs generate jobs, create diverse communities and are vital to prosperous cities.

Neighborhood Revitalization

To thrive, communities need investment beyond the urban core to create neighborhoods where diverse individuals and families at all income levels can live.

Financial Health

Providing individuals with the tools and resources to manage their daily financial lives stabilizes households and benefits local economies.

Our efforts are focused on what our experience has shown are universal pillars of opportunity, and we are undertaking significant, long-term global initiatives that directly leverage our firm’s worldwide presence, expertise and resources.

We refined this model through our work in Detroit, where in 2014 we launched what we saw as “proof of concept” of our approach. We have since seen that this model yields real results — and we are extending it to communities around the world.

Model for Impact

Learn how we invest in economic opportunity in our communities.

“[JPMorgan Chase] is the largest bank in Detroit … Since 2014, the company has been doubling down on that relationship, in a daring experiment to help revitalize Detroit’s middle-class core. The bank’s effort, called Invested in Detroit, is a neighborhood-by-neighborhood campaign to revive local real estate, launch small businesses and train residents for in-demand jobs — all at the same time, as quickly as possible.

Detroit’s reemergence coincided with a philosophical shift at the bank. It’s already a formidable donor … [but] it retooled its giving to tackle economic insecurity itself — focusing on small business expansion, job-skills training, neighborhood development and financial counseling… It’s an approach that leverages what banks already do well — lending people capital and giving them advice about how to deploy it.

[T]hree years of progress with Invested in Detroit has convinced [JPMorgan Chase] that they’ve assembled the right tool kit for revitalizing American cities.”

— Excerpted from “How JPMorgan Chase Is Fueling Detroit’s Revival,”
Fortune Magazine, September 15th, 2017
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