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Young Talent Joins the Creative Economy

The murals on the cover of this report were created by Arts on the Block, a Maryland-based nonprofit mosaic studio that offers a professional apprenticeship program for teens. Through the program, young people who might not otherwise be introduced to careers in art and design have an outlet for creative expression while also receiving job training, learning studio skills and contributing to their communities.

The organization focuses on community-based art. Before a project, apprentices meet with local residents and business owners to understand what their neighborhood means to them. With support from alumni and staff, the apprentices develop, manage and install a mural that reflects the essence of that community.

In 2018, JPMorgan Chase partnered with Arts on the Block on a series of interior and exterior murals at three of our new branch locations in the Greater Washington D.C. Region — including in Historic Anacostia’s growing arts district — with plans for more in the future. In addition to beautifying these new branches, these pieces of art are lasting symbols of our branches’ connections and relationships in local communities.

Shantisa Brooks, T. Duckett, Jada Batts, Jorden Robinson
CEO of Chase Consumer Banking Thasunda Duckett (second from left) with artists (left to right) Shantisa Brooks, Jada Batts and Jorden Robinson.

D.C. Branches Wrapped in Community Culture

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Clayton: Arts on the Block is a not-for-profit that's in its 15th year. We are partnering with JPMorgan Chase on this very exciting endeavor that's giving young people in the DC area an opportunity to design and fabricate mosaics for three Chase branches in DC. John: We're opening 50 branches and roughly 100 ATMs in the marketplace in the next three years.

Alexis: When we come to a new market, we understand that there's a rich culture, there's a rich community and we want our branches to reflect that.

John: Which is why we chose to partner with Arts on the Block. So the design team went and through a several month process actually walked through the creation of these mosaics with the kids.

Clayton: The purpose of each mural is to reflect some aspect of the community in which it's in.

Nathan: Today we're working on the murals for the Anacostia branch. One is very festive,while the other's showing unity inside of the community. [laughs]

Stephanie: It's not just a branch. We want it to feel like home, we want it to feel like we're part of the community.

Shantissa: Working together with everyone is fun, the colors are fun.

Clayton: They're now helping each other and, um...they're in a groove! We're just very excited. [inspirational music]

Shantissa: All this hard work we've done as a team, it's finally payin' off.

Thasunda: Here in the greater Washington DC area, I am just so happy to officially say, "We are open for business!"[cheers and applause]

Thasunda: I want to give a huge shout-out to Arts on the Block. What you have designed is amazing!

Clayton: The partnership between Chase and Arts on the Block is, is just tremendous.

Shantissa: Teamwork truly makes the dream work. And this is our dream! I want where I live to be safe, I want it to be colorful. I want people to know that we can help each other out and yes, Chase is also here to help you out! I really wanted to show that we are not just here, we are here with a purpose.

All: Arts on the Block!!!

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Awards and Recognition

World’s Most Admired Companies

Ranked in the Top 10 on FORTUNE’s “World’s Most Admired Companies” list

Change the World

Named to FORTUNE’s “Change the World” list for the second year in a row

Top 20 Corporate Givers

Named to the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s “Top 20 Corporate Givers” list

Global Citizen Award

Recipient of International Medical Corps’ 2018 Global Citizen Award

ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year

Named a 2018 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year, recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy

Top 50 Companies for Diversity

Named to Black Enterprise’s Top 50 Companies for Diversity

Best for Vets Employer

Named to the 2018 Military Times “Best for Vets Employer” list

Harvard Business School

The firm’s model for impact in Detroit and how it’s being applied in other cities is profiled in a 2018 Harvard Business School case study.

Outstanding Corporation Award

Recipient of the Association of Fundraising Professionals Greater Detroit Chapter’s 2018 Outstanding Corporation Award